Atlanta Journal-Constitution urges NO vote on Amendment 1

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia’s largest newspaper, has published an editorial opposing Amendment 1, adding to an already lengthy list of newspapers, elected officials, professional educators, and countless Georgians who see through the smoke and mirrors of Amendment 1 and oppose the so-called Charter School Amendment.

From the AJC’s Editorial Board:

We don’t oppose charter schools, but we do urge voters to say “No” to the proposed amendment to Georgia’s Constitution that would create a legal way for the state to circumvent local school boards to create and fund charter schools.

While we have some concerns about the implications to local decision-making when it comes to schools, the strongest argument against Amendment One is simply that the state can’t afford it.

Given that Georgia’s existing public schools are so pitifully underfunded, we find it unconscionable to ask voters to divert precious tax dollars to benefit a relative few.

So-called “austerity cuts” and other reductions have sliced away state support for K-12 education for a decade. Georgia Department of Education figures put the total funding formula shortfall at $5.7 billion.

With just hours left until Election Day, it is crucial that we spread the word, educate voters about what Amendment 1 really does, and be sure to vote (if you haven’t already) on Tuesday. Vote NO on Amendment 1!

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